Prolific Remnant is a Conscious Streetwear Brand. Its aim is to create a platform where others share the faith, celebrate the culture and champion the cause.

 This vision is made manifest by moving in accordance with these four principals:

 Engage The Heart- Connect with like minded individuals to build on shared experiences and backgrounds in order to foster stronger communities. Converse with individuals that may not have shared experiences or backgrounds in an effort to find common ground. 

Enlighten The Mind- Discuss people,concepts and issues to inform and elevate the consciousness of those we come into contact with.

Encourage The Spirit- Provide a word or deed that lifts the spirit of the broken or downtrodden. 

Empower The People- Offer hope, strength,resources and energy to others so that they may overcome any challenge or hardship.

Prolific Remnant will primarily operate as a clothing brand. However, it's secondary function is to collaborate with state and local non profit organizations that are doing the work to tackle issues that exist within our communities. Each purchase represents an opportunity to be the "hands and feet" for a neighbor in need. The time has come for us to be the change we wish to see.

Prolific Remnant is an authentic expression of our true selves. It is a song of salvation, a chorus of celebration and psalm of protest.

Peace and Blessings